Multicast Navigation destination and start navigation from one device to another

How can I use one device (my ipad) to instruct my other device (android cluster) to navigate me to an address entered on my ipad and start navigation?

I have multicast working correctly and buttons from my ipad correctly set actions on my cluster, however when starting navigation on the ipad… the map on the cluster only zooms out.
I receive “Navigation Instruction, Next” text information on my cluster as well but the navigation route is not highlighted on the cluster.

Is this possible?

Ok so using dummy’s, triggers, and actions I was able to start navigation on the cluster from my ipad but only to a set destination under “actions”

The only thing I’m missing is a text field where I can enter a destination and a way to link the action “Navigate to Destination” to the text field.

I’m aware that “Start Navigation” will prompt a text field where I can enter a destination… and that works fine for me… But how can I link the action “Navigate to Destination” to what I enter in the “start navigation” text field?

Hmm, this can be problematic as entire route would need to be multicasted from iPad to cluster, and multicasting protocol is just not designed for that. I will investigate if I can find a workaround.