Multicast setup


1- I have 2 android devices, both are connected to my home network. I follow multicast setup steps mentioned in your website but I am not able to to use multicast option to share data between them.

The only possible way to make them share data is to disconnect them from home network and use one device as hot spot and make other device to connect to it.

Any turn a round here?

2- can i share input data that doesn’t have TargetID? I just made an input with name ID instead of target ID.


  1. Only thing that I can think of is that your home router is blocking the TCP port that RealDash is using for multicast. We have the same kind of office setup for testing and multicasting works there just fine.

  2. You can multicast custom values. All instances in multicast network must have the same XML file that generates the custom value. Then just select it to list list of multicasted values.


Can you please try to use your mobile phone “hotspot” instead of your office wifi and test the multicast option between your devices?

I have that sort of the setup on my car all the time.


It seems that i have to restart my phone to make it work.

so the phone which is running realdash and connected to the odb via wifi, have to turn on its hotspot? then the 2nd phone connects to the wifi to work?

Both devices should be connected to same network.

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