Multiple Actions under "Show Gauge"?[Solved]


I’ve got a lot of questions, sorry about that.

I created a button with an action attached to it. Now I’m wondering if it is possible to attache 2 or more actions to “Show Gauge” for instance.

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Yes, you can attach multiple actions to one button.


Thank you for responding.
How can I attach multiple actions to that button?

Furthermore, I managed to create my own Dash which has 7 pages now and its going somewere :smiley:
You did a great job designing this app. Realy GREAT! :slight_smile:

You add new actions to button the same way you added the first one.

  • In edit mode select your button
  • Go to ‘Input & Values’
  • Tap select button actions button and select an action or use ‘New Action’ at the bottom of the list


I didn’t know one could select multiple action using the control-key

Thanks again

Ben thank you for posting this question and RealDashDev for the answer. I needed this :slight_smile:

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