Multiple Data Sources?

Is it possible to use multiple data sources for the information?

I think OBDII is a bit slow (Eg, all OBD app shows revs with a small delay and thus isn’t as accurate or smooth as it has to poll for the information) - regardless of that though, is it possible for example to use OBD Bluetooth adapter for the RPM, Speed, Water Temp etc, and then use custom Arduino for the information that’s not available via the can bus? (For example, turn signal state)

I’m still trying to figure out the custom route - I mean, I’ve many years experience building custom arduino and the like based projects, but new to the RealDash Can stuff so still unsure exactly how I would go about populating ALL the required data.

I mean, I’ve designed & built my own arduino shield that can filter the canbus AND the K-Bus (I have a 2003 BMW Z4 E85) at the same time but I’m still unsure how I go about sending the speed, indicators etc etc

If you already have a Arduino project that read CAN frames, its very easy to just pass the CAN frames to RealDash using RealDash CAN protocol. See the examples here:

I managed to reverse a BMW iDrive controller and with a mini self made can shield I was able to repurpose it as a Bluetooth HID device via CAN –

Yet this RealDashCAN still confuses the hell out of me for some reason ha

I will persevere though :slight_smile:

Hi. I also came across a question from multiple sources. I use RealDashCAN to receive data from Haltech and also OBD2 Bluetooth module. But data overlap occurs. How can I filter the data received from the ODB2 source so as not to use it in RealDash?

Make a custom XML for the OBD2 and request only the PIDs you are interested of. See instructions here:

Got it, thanks. Those. only those PIDs that are entered will be returned?
Did I understand correctly that this file contains a standard set of settings, as if it were not added?

Yes, the realdash_obd2.xml file in GitHub is the one RealDash uses if ‘Generic SAE compatible vehicle’ is selected, which is a default setting.

Thanks for the quick response

Yes it is possible, you can use two simultaneous connections one on OBD2 and the other with arduino with RealdashCAN.

Hello could u please tell me how to use this multiple sources . The connection just choose 1 bluetooth device . Either the obd bluetooth or the arduino bluetooth .

  • Go to the garage and open vehicle door
  • Tap on the instrument cluster and use ‘Add’ option to add new connection. Use that as many times as you like.
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