Music Library Control

I have the windows version as I have an in car pc, selecting my mp3 library just makes all the songs play in order.
next track, previous track, play/pause are the only control i see

Can we have folder up and down to simply go through the folders/albumns within the library folder?



Next/Previous folder could be somewhat easy to implement, would that be sufficient?

Yeh that would be great, if it can just go up and down subfolders within the chosen library path

Also a current folder readout so you can show what album/folder you are in, that would be absolutely sufficient for me.



Ok, these will be in next release.

That’s awesome

Is there currently a volume up and down control?

Bought this as I am moving from an old front end, great to have basic music control on the gauges screen so I don’t need to drop to windows, I have no can controls for music as it’s an older car with a Syvecs ecu

Thanks again


Yes, there are actions for volume controls. Volume can also be controlled with voice commands.