Music Player

Hello. Tell me whether in windows 10 integration of music players in RD or expansion of functionality of the player is planned? Is it currently possible to make the music automatically turn on when you start RD?

Windows version is based on UWP platform, which currently does not allow controlling or reading other players. So right now there is nothing much we can do about it.

In Windows you can use RealDash as music player. If set up as one, RealDash will scan your devices ‘Music’ folder and play files from there. To start music automatically at start, make an action ‘App Start’ to activate music playback.

but no plans to complete the RD player? I’m trying to make a multimedia system based on RD and I really need a normal player
I use a translator :unamused:

Complete how? It plays music now, doesn’t it?

at least the ability to select a different folder to play music and remember the tracks on which I left off. now it is constantly played from the first track.

look, I’m doing the music AutoPlay action correctly. just in this case, the music plays when you start the program, but the pause button does not respond.

On Windows 10 apps are not allowed to access other than specific folders, like images and music folders. This is a limitation of the Windows 10 and at least I do not know how to work around it.

As for continuing where left off last time, I will put this to my fixlist for next release.

From another side…RealDash on Android 10… I’m trying to use internal music player, but it can’t remember the storage location where I defined my music is stored. I can try every folder in internal storage but nothing changed. In settings there is not saved this location and music player works not. If I choose other player which is internal in Android, this works not too (I’m not able to play/pause/forward…music files).

Fix for this is coming in 1.9.5 release, which has major overhaul on file handling on Android 10 and 11.