MX+ iOS Issues

Hey Guys,

I too just bought the MX+ for use with RealDash, can only get it working with Android…

Does RealDash recommend a specific adaptor for iOS use?

Keen to hear more,


Support for OBDLink MX+ on iOS is coming on next release of RealDash. I just received info from Apple that RealDash is now whitelisted to use OBDLink MX+.

That’s fantastic news!

How often are the releases of RealDash so I can get some form of time frame?


Since I’m working on other projects too I cannot give certain date for the release. Usually we have pushed updates in about once a month.

In iOS, we currently use PLXDevices Kiwi3 adapter in testing, but we should get an update with MX+ support out before end of the year (this is not a promise)

Just checking in on this, having bought an MX+ this last week and discovered this connection issue. What is the timeline looking like now for an update which will fix this?

Just got it working on iOS, and support will be available on 1.6.5 release. I think Apple is not accepting new updates during holiday season, so it may go until next year before the 1.6.5 update is available for iOS.

1.6.5 for iOS should be available now.