My project for Mustang 2012+

It working with a arduino mega and OBD2

Cool, which display did you use?

12.3 inch
But for my option of the display you need make self holder for the display, I’m doing it with 3D printer, but you can search an alibaba for 12.3 inch lcd display for your option

What hardware is realdash running?

Currently on windows 10 HDMI stick in kiosk mode

Hello Jastreb,
I am trying to setup your dash setup in my 2011 mustang gt. Can you provide a source of parts used. I purchased the Raspberry Pi 4 and seems alot is not available for it yet. Thanks.

A little off topic, but still ask. Could you make a short video, I’m interested to know how long it takes to download RASPBERRY PI 4, from the moment the power was applied until the application was opened on it?

Im totally new to this and trying to figure out hardware and software to get real dash to work. I purchased the PI 4 not realizing that it was such a new product. I have no experience with this and would appreciate any info so i can run the dash in my car. I also purchased the arduino mega also.

I am sure that everything will work out for You, since you are already on the right track. You are in this forum.
Could you shoot a short video on your phone, from the moment you turn on RP4 until the desktop loads. Interested in time in seconds. .

The display looks amazing. I purchased some stuff and just wanna get the boss dash in my 2011 twinturbo mustang. Any help would be appreciated.

Could you provide some details of the plastic bezel piece you have in front the display. Hard to tell from video but it looks to match the dash