My project: Ford fiesta mk6

I present to you my small and economical project in a Ford Fiesta Mk6.
Made with a tablet, arduino and ElM327.

The design looks very original, very worked with arduino to turn on the automatic screen, automatic loading, bluetooth to control the colors of RealDash in short, many things …

Application to control my RealDash

YouTube video so that you can see how the app works.

excuse my english, i’m using a translator
I hope you like my project.


Wow, looks great!

That’s really awesome!

This is amazing! How did you make the app!?

Hi friend.! I make the app with AppInventor, I send Serial commands via Bluetooth to the arduino and from the arduino I send CAN frames to the Realdash.

Soon I will be uploading an example of the Arduino programming.

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hello my friend, is there any development about ford can xml, i started my project today, there are a lot of deficiencies, please help about ford

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I love everything about this I wish I could do this for my veloster lol