My RealDash, new features

We are happy to announce that My RealDash (MRD) now has a trip viewer for stored trips. Its pretty basic for now, but we will be improving it.

In order to use the MRD trip viewer:

  • In RealDash, enable ‘Settings->Trip Diary->Save Trips’ option. All trips are then saved and synchronized to MRD
  • In MRD, Select ‘Trip Diary’ from left pane and click any stored trip to see details of the trip.

In addition, I would like to announce that we have started working on something called ‘Connection Editor’ into MRD. Idea is that you could create and edit CAN connection XML files in MRD, store them directly to MRD file storage and easily download the modified XML files to RealDash.

It in very early development but if everything goes well, making the CAN XML files manually on text editor could become a thing of a past. Fingers crossed.


Very nice. I saw it now and it seems exactly what I wanted. Congratulations. Thank you for this functionality.

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It’s nice, i can imagine features like track colour change for speed, ability to display other information or actually display it on a rendering of your dashboards.

But, am a bit concerned about security, this is why i only recently turned back on the save trips option.

Nice as it is i don’t want this info in a cloud provider.

However, I notice that the speed limit data is incorrect both during navigation and in myrealdash in the history.

Do you live in a area of miles per hour or kilometres per hour?

kilometres per hour.

Could you give little bit more detail how the speed limits are wrong? Only thing that comes to my mind is a miles-kilometres conversion.

There are also short moments when correct values ​​appear. But in most cases the number 1, 7, 2019, 2023 appears :see_no_evil:
It appears exactly the same when I use the navigation function of RealDash
There are places where values ​​appear that do not seem to make sense. 7, 107, 3, 0, 2019, etc.

Probably the data provided by the map is not correct… I found a route from another city where it appears correctly…

This is very good news, thank you for your hard work.

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Yes, this is probably something in Open Street Map data that RealDash is not parsing correctly.

Could you send me a GPS coordinate of a road where this happens?