My V Series dash with animation and Sports mode

Hello Im Home from school for the next month and have extra time to work on what i love to do (Realdash)… finally had time to get into the animation side of things and it is coming along. FYI stay organized when writing the xml file, things can get real confusing down the line.anyways things that stand out about this dash is the pids, graphics, and yes the eye candy/animation… If your driving a cadillac cts,sts,ats,xts Vseries or not from 2008-2014 i believe the pids i have should work. The pids i have currently working is Engine oil PSI, Engine oil temp, odometer,oil life remaining, gears, turn signals, AC active, cruise control,catalyst converter temp bank1 and 2 and ignition switch voltage…a few tricks i learned with writing the triggers and actions. - i wanted the accessory mode to show on Realdash so i created a trigger/action with battery voltage and ignition voltage. simply put if ignition voltage and battery voltage is above 13.8 that usually means the car is on and running if both show 0 car off if battery shows below 13 and ignition 0 that means accessory mode… or the way i’ve manipulated a Sports Mode event was wrote a trigger/action something like this If GEAR is = 2 and calculated gear=0 that means sports mode and on my actual dashboard of car im really in sports/manual mode. at a stand still i switched over to manual mode from automatic into 2nd gear which doesn’t hurt my vehicle to get back into regular mode on the app was simple and that was if im in park or reverse it switches back and i don’t have to be in park all the time because i have it wrote as 0 being park coming from my actual gear pid which 0= N with calculated gear if that makes sense… video of dashboard animations

wow it looks spectacular.

Hi…can you show me steps to do the animation slide gauge?