Navigate RealDash using Arduino.

How do I browse RealDash using Arduidno? it’s possible?
I want to send external commands to RealDash

Not exactly sure what you mean, but you can communicate between your device and RealDash using RealDash CAN protocol. Examples available here:

instead of using mouse/keyboard on RealDash, I wanted to use the Arduino

You can gain some control by sending the steering wheel button inputs to RealDash from Arduino using RealDash CAN protocol. See the steering wheel target ids here:

And RealDash CAN arduino examples here:

Hey, What you can do is use Keyboard library in Arduino, and trigger the key press and release by calling; for example for steering wheel buttons, they are tied to keyboard 1-9 by default, so you would do:‘1’);

Note, your arduino board should support Keyboard. I did exactly the same by using Seeeduino XIAO.