Navigation & Data Multicast

Very often users ask about navigation. I tell them that navigation is inconvenient to use even if I install a touch glass not help too.
i test Data Multicast - our users all ready have hand device (android or ios phone ) with RealDash
now i can translate info about navigation ( Navigattoin: ETA, Navigation: Active and other ā€¦ )

can you add full sync with host device - when user start navigation in host device in dashboard navigation start too?

Iā€™m sure what Falcon means is that you add data such as Final Destination and Current Position to the multicast.
Thus, the user will be able to conveniently set navigation parameters in the standard navigation of the RD, using, for example, a mobile phone.

Not clear again? Please any reply. I think the question is extremely important. And it will greatly increase the popularity of the RealDash application.


I have been thinking about this previously, but there are some technical issues that make this non-trivial. Main problem is that typical navigation event contains so much data that sending it all over the multicasting will produce noticeably delay in all send/receive data. Issue is basically the same as sharing now playing album art etc.

Naturally any navigation related input can be multicasted already, but actual route data and some other can not.

I suggest solving the problem step by step, as the first step if the destination address has already been entered. that is, the user simply prescribes the value of the destination point in the dashboard. and then activates the start of navigation. to begin with, at least one point. then add the home/work point. by doing this, we will greatly simplify and launch navigation in beta testing and attract new users to RealDash.

Please skip all the sales pitches, they do not motivate me in any way.

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