My goal is to have the navigation instructions display and speak on a secondary tablet.

  1. I tried to multicast the “Instruction, Current” image gauge but that didn’t seem to work
  2. Is it possible to speak the “Instruction, Next” text gauge on the multicasted tablet? ( not sure if this can be done with a “InstructionText” gauge trigger on change, Speak text [V=InstructionText] should work, I tried but maybe don’t have correct syntax.

Navigation must be initiated on the device its running on. Multicast is only capable of sharing inputs and sending some music playback controls between devices.

I could see where it would be really cool to have navigation primarily used on a center dash control unit and have it also multicast the display to a instrument cluster instance of realdash for a second display.

Would it not be possible to port the navigation instruction strings to “Target Identifiers”? Not trying to display map images only the string text boxes and icon.
Maybe would be helpful to add some Dummy’s as string value rather than just numbers?

Oh and how can I have a button that triggers “speak text” for a text gauge, let’s say called “Text Gauge 1”

Device notification strings can be shared with multicast. Target ID is 248. Multicast does not support transfer of images though.

You can use ‘Speak Text’ action with tags to speak value of the input. For example:

Current speed is [VALUE:64]

I will add another tag [VALUETEXT:###] to next release.

Great, I will give #248 a try (didn’t see that on list).
A few ValueText would be nice :wink: