Hi Jani, when I try to enter an address in India, I am getting suggestions from all over the world and not the one I am looking for.

Is there a way to improve the search accuracy?

Is it not possible to search based on door number or house name? Google maps is able to do it.

Is there a way to improve this feature?

Even after locating an address the accuracy is wayward compared to Maps.

We use MapBox as navigation feature and we have no option to affect the results that MapBox is producing. You could ask MapBox directly if this is a known issue in your area?

Same issue here.

Also i checked mapbox web site and i found that they provide navigation with traffic information same as google map but i can’t see it .

See attached image from mapbox website.

Oh, so they also have a 3D view … And in RealDash they said that this is not possible …


I think you have a lot of works here :smile::moneybag:

I never said its not possible. Its something that takes a long time to implement as RealDash is not capable of rendering those ready made Javascript views into the gauges.

I didn’t want to hurt you with this.
I understand that for a person with such knowledge as yours, nothing is impossible. :wink: But even the arguments that you give, unfortunately, imply the impossibility of such a function in ReaDash, for us (users). Since these are really huge resources and a rework of the base of the application … I will not be clever, because I don’t know much about this.