Needle Gauge

Changing the aspect ratio of “Needle Gauge” slows down the FPS of the screen very much, while “Arc Gauge” works great with any aspect ratio!
All this is good! But without “Needle Gauge”, no theme looks good!
Please change the “Needle Gauge” for the better, so that the FPS does not drop so much when using several “Needle Gauge” on an ultra-wide screen, when i try to make them round (oval actually)

I completely forgot to take a look at this, sorry :frowning:
I will push 1.8.9-beta1 soon, which may have an improvement for this.

I moved this discussion out of another thread as it was off-topic there.

Could you test on your car where you are using the ‘Ultrawide-fix-hack’ setting?

BenzTown - good!

Bavarian is not bad either, but not perfect.

maybe you can do something else with it?
how to increase productivity?

But it seems to me that it has become better compared to what it was …

Ok, thanks for testing. This fix was something that was easy to do, but to further optimize it may be more difficult. I can see from your videos that image quality of the needles has been decreased quite a bit. I will check what I can do.

Yes, it is, although the monitor resolution is fullHD1080, but with the Ultrawide setting, the pictures look like 480 pixels :wink:

But this is only on Needles)))

I confirm.
On 1.8.9b a ladder appeared for some elements.

Yes, I need to tone it back up.

The 1.8.9-beta2 should have better needle image quality and hopefully still offers some performance upgrade.

I will check it!

Everything is fine. FPS 60 and the pictures became beautiful again))) (manyooooooh pixels)

Allright, thanks for testing! Will probably publish this tomorrow.