Needle issue?

Hi all

I am making a dashboard based on the 4th gen Prelude. I just need a solid red needle however I have created one in a PNG file and it has this weird bit at the end of the needle. How do I make a custom needle that works properly? Attached a picture and the file I am trying to use. Or has anyone got a standard red needle PNG file I can use?

In order for the needle to work correctly, you need to create it with a transparent background.png

definitely a square.
or any other
at least 5000x5000
depending on how strong the graphics processor is.
the needle should be pulled from above, strictly in the center.
Roughly like this…

And leave some empty pixels at the edges of the image to prevent the rounding artefacts that is visible on your screenshot.

Thanks, that worked.

Can you also help me with making the custom ARC gauges - what size etc should the indicator png file be?

Thank you

We do not have resources to make individual custom dashboards.

It’s OK, I figured it out myself - I understand it is time consuming to answer all these questions.

Is there a wiki or somewhere all this could be documented?

It took me a bit of fiddling but I managed to get the arc gauge looking how I wanted it, and the dashboard as a whole in fact. I’ll take a picture later.

Jani, that’s actually a good idea. After all, RealDash has already grown so much. Many experienced users and so many beginners.
What if you create a Wiki page and let users fill it out. After that, you can edit, it will be easier than writing everything from the beginning.

I agree, but… Its hard to make proper documentation for a moving target. That is why we have not gotten into it as it will probably be old information in two weeks.

Yes. Understand. Sometimes it takes a long time to scroll through the update logs on the forum to find out the details on old and new features. What can you do. But the application itself is good, if not wonderful)))
But you need to understand everything. Especially for beginners. But the main thing is to focus on the result, and I am sure that everything will turn out))))

If at any point we encounter a situation that feature set seems to stabilize, I’d be more than happy to spend some time on the documentation. But that time is unfortunately not right now.

I think if you setup a Wiki when you move the forums over to, then we could do the documentation for you and change things as features change in RD.