Nested containers

I’ve been playing with nested containers and have encountered a problem. After a container has been added to another container everything works as expected and if one then needs to remove the former from the latter that seems to work ok. However apparently the removal is not saved. On closing and restarting RD the container and it’s contents are back within the parent.

.rd file is at

Ok, thanks. Will take a look at this.

I did not find anything related to the delete/save/load of nested containers, but there were other issues with nested containers, like unable to select some nested container items etc. Fix will be in next release.

Many thanks, fingers crossed that as a by-product of the changes you’ve made my issue is also fixed. I’ll report back when the next version is released. I find containers very useful.

I’ve just taken a moment to make sure that, at my end, the issue is repeatable as follows:

Create new dash
Add UI Container 1
Add UI Container 2
Select both
Context Menu, Arrange, Add to Container
Context Menu, Arrange, Remove from Container
Containers are still nested

Incidentally I also noticed this time that there does not seem to be a way of controlling which container is to be the parent.

I use the Linux version of RD but I just tried the above with an Android install on my phone with the same result.

Ok, thanks, will test with same sequence.

Edit: Yep, found it. Removing container from container did not work properly. Will be fixed on next release.