"New Boss on the Block" theme RPM Gauge

Dear Dev, I purchased “New Boss on the Block” theme and few other themes. While the RPM gauge of other themes like “Benztown Hammer” or “Dash of Color” and even the default one respect the max RPM set in the garage, I could see the theme “New Boss on the Block” alone keeps the default value (8k RPM). Please let me know if this is a problem with the theme? Or is there a way I can fix it? Thanks

Yes, New Boss was made before the max RPM scaling was an option on RealDash. It has not been updated as it has non-linear RPM gauge which makes the fix difficult.

Thank you for your response. Hopefully you’ll update it at some point or may be have a note in the theme description so that anyone who purchase it is already aware of the limitations. Thanks again.