New Game: OMSI 2

I think OMSI 2 would be perfect for this app.
SimDashboard released an update that lets OMSI 2 communicate with its app, allowing everything from Speedometers, IBIS data, Tachometers, button presses, etc to be used on the app

Thing is, that app is kinda bad at doing custom stuff, where this app shines very brightly on making custom stuff. In SimDashboard, I can’t make a dash to save my life, but in this app, the customizability is off the charts, and this game would be a perfect candidate.

It can be interfaced with plugins placed in a folder in the games main directory (“steamapps>Common>OMSI>plugins” I believe)

If there’s any way to add support to this game, it would be amazing! This app is cheaper, and better for paid users compared to SimDashboard, and I’d love to add it to my OMSI Bus Simulator rig

Sorry if I’ve already asked this, but just wanted to see if forums would be better to describe better, and have a convo about it as well

Here’s an example on a little setup I have, the dash is basic because the SimDashboard app is a pain in the butt to use and configure, hence why I think compatibility with Realdash and OMSI 2 would be stellar

Thank you for your suggestion. I will take a look.

Thank you, can’t wait to see what happens

Have a great day

Sorry for bothering you, but any update on the OMSI 2 addition? I just want to know before I get my hopes up too much

Have a great day

I did take a look, but could not find documentation on how to receive telemetry data from the game. Could you provide a link?

I’m unable to make any promises at this stage, but if the implementation is not too complicated, the support would be available in earliest of around early April. We just have too many other things on our backlog.

Unfortunately I’m not too sure on how one gets Telemetry data from the game, other than it uses .dll files put in a folder. I’m not a developer, so I wouldn’t know what to look for. I’d guess maybe asking around forums or asking other developers. I really hope this will work, and I don’t mind waiting

I found an example of a plugin
I’m hoping this can still be researched and added at one point, I don’t mind waiting

Have a great day

Thank you for the link. Meanwhile, if you can find me more information, like their SDK and some example code, that would be very helpful.

Alright. I’ll try, but expect some delays, I’ve been quite busy with many things… I’ll try my best!

I have found something

They are in German, and will need to be translated, but I hope it’s something…

If anything, maybe ask SimDashboard about how they did it.

I really hope this helps, and I’ll try my best to help so we can get OMSI 2 compatibility one day

Edit: here’s where I found those links, after digging thru the main links of course

Stay safe devs, thanks for the help.
Have a great day, and feel free to take breaks due to the virus stuff going around.

I know it’s been a while, but I’m just wondering if you need any more info. Since we’ve been in quarantine, I’ve been playing more OMSI. I am willing to help out in any way I can

Stay safe

No, sorry :frowning: It has been very difficult to find one working example to base the development to. This has been on backburner for couple of weeks.