New hardware BLE throughput

I’m working on new hardware BLE5 and WiFi device that works with realdash and other protocols.

The max message throughput it’s able to achieve is about ~550 message/sec. This result is somewhat disappointing, BLE5 should be able to achieve more than 88kbit/sec for sure. I was wondering how does this compare with other products such as OBDLink or others?

On WiFi it can easily achieve 2000+ message/sec, It can be more but the limitation is from the sending side I think - I’m using 2 USB to CAN adaptor to transmit.

550 frames per second is not that bad and in line of what we have seen from other Bluetooth adapters.

speaking of USB wired OBDlink, do not get more than 10-20 msgs per second, when I need to poll with the same device.

Some speed tests with my CAN->BLE adapter:

Android. iPhone can about 3000 msgs/s max