New important triggers

Hello, for better instrument panels, namely the implementation of the functions of the on-board computer

we need the following events (New action)

  1. assigning the value of one ID to another ID

  2. Save and load value in Flash (HDD disk) (I ask you to make it as simple as possible, arrange and just write to a file)

Please clearly inform whether it will be accepted for work or not, since if not, you will have to implement the functionality in an external device, which is not very good. I hope that you will accept my suggestions.

New action.PNG

  1. I will take a look at this.

  2. Tell me a real life use-case what this is needed for?

  1. Many thanks - it is made RealDash Better

  2. Now i made ELECTO AUTOPILOT TRUKS I need to save the amount of battery charge (I count the amount of current in the direction of charge and discharge in real time) so that the next time I turn on, I know the state of the battery according to these calculated parameters. I also started the implementation of an on-board computer


I will add two new inputs for EV battery level 1 and 2, and make them saveable.

Really big tanks. I hope//

I will be ready to test immediately

I’m thinking of just making a few new inputs universal and making saving by event (so that the author of the skin is sure that the value is preserved after turning off the claim and not overloading with unnecessarily frequent overwriting). Now it is not entirely clear which inputs are saved and which are not. for example, I see the operating hours are clearly (Calculated engine runtime )saved in Flash stability butd the odometer and mileage readings (TRIP A/B) are not saved.


i see updade 2.0.6

need to expand Action type: Set Value (formula) made with other ID

Formula ( v+100+IDxx ) for example

Action type : Save and Load Value to the Flash RAM - in next update ?

best regards


Action type: Set Value (formula) - work - thanks - i happy

please please add Action type: Save and Load from Flash (file on disk)


Please more detals
Max EV battery level 1 and 2 level for calibrate saveable
Current EV battery level 1 and 2 level saveable
add few (10 pcs ) universal inputs saveable only in action

i control current out and curennt in battery

I’m not comfortable adding an action that causes a file write operation. I’ve seen many people using triggers in a way that they cause action to run every update frame. If action is doing file operations that would eventually bring entire app to halt, and I wish not to be troubleshooting that kind of issues.

The new EV Battery level inputs already save themselves at app exit.

I heard you, and I also agree with the risks of implementing value recording in file system Android or other device. Thank you so much for the clarification. I will implement saving the value in an external new device, I will provide at the hardware level so that there is not too frequent writing to the flash

can i see all list inputs which should be saved when exiting the application? - i check all

Please what ID EV battery level 1 and 2 ?


They are 478 and 479.

Thanks - i test and reply

Plase add ID478 and ID479 in list action type formula
Only if it not hard for you course and have time



Yes, the EV battery levels are not specified as ‘Action settable values’. I would recommend that you write the required conversion into your connection XML file instead, as using actions to calculate this value makes it more difficult to distribute your dashboards.

Is connection XML conversion a option for you?

I’m sorry if I was inaccurate.

I couldn’t make interactions in the ID Battery Level XML. since when the application starts, other data has values of 0. But I solved the problem of saving the values I need in an external usb device (use realdash protocol and write to flash chip stm32… )


Ok, we just missed the 2.0.7, but I will set the EV battery levels as action settable for next release.

I’m reading the whole forum to find it, I still haven’t come to the conclusion of the battery ID regarding the light that goes off when starting!

I don’t know if it’s the same case but in my car I have an immobilizer and I didn’t find it on target, would it be possible to use an ID and replace the input?

All of these special cases should use custom ‘Ecu Specific’ inputs which are created in connection XML file with ‘name’ attribute.