New to realdash

This looks like it would be very good for my track car but have a few queries that I cannot seem to find the answers to can someone help or give advice.

1 My car uses a OMEX 600 ECU the ecu does not have a OBD port but has a serial port

2 Can you build your own dash or do you have to buy one of the dashes here and modify them?

3 How do you get data on the dash that the ECU does not accomodate as in indicators oil pressure would run a serial port to usb. Can you run a Analogue to digital converter then hook up to a multi usb connector that then connects to tablet

4 Are the tablets stable enough to be put in track / rally cars

5 Are there any specific spec that a tablet has to meet to enable the realdash to work in a car and is their a recomendation as to which tablet to use.

Thanks alot Bry

1.- Serial port it’s fine but you need to know the serial protocol to “tell” realdash how to interpret data
2.- You can build your own dash
3.- You can use DashBox for extra analog and digital inputs or you can use arduino for the same and use real dash can protocol. You can have multiple inputs usb, Bluetooth, wifi.
4.- Yes if you moun firmly.
5.- Any table works but better if have gps

Thank you Hugovw1976
I see there are a couple of manuals is there a complete manual for to explain all aspects of realdash