New Trip C Option?

I use Trip A for when I fill up with fuel, and I understand Trip B resetting every time the app is closed for the purposes mentioned in other threads, but is it possible to create a Trip C? As if I’m on a long drive its annoying that the trip B resets when stopping for food or for a rest.
The car I was in over the holidays had trip C which would reset over night (possibly at 12am) which would be good if having a resettable only isn’t an option.

Thank you for the consideration.


I have been thinking of adding ‘Trip C’, that could be automatically resetting and used for Trip Diary input.

Then Trip A and B would then work exactly the same.

This is not a big change, I just need to find couple of hours to do that. Lets see what I can do.


Sounds good.
Thank you.

Would greatly appreciated if you can take out a couple of hours before the next release, Jani!

Its done already and in testing. Will be in next release.

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