Newbie alert

Hi all, new to realdash

On first impressions, the app is very technical and a bit confusing to setup.

Plan to use it in conjunction with my link g4+ ECU on my celica GT FOUR :slight_smile:

Any tricks and tips for getting started?

Go easy

What would you like to know? Have you been able to connect to your ECU? See instructions on Link section below.

Just from browsing through the app, the setup of the desired gauges looks very in depth (which is great but complicated). Will i be the one that has to set the parameters for warnings etc

If you make your own dashboard, then yes. If you use our free of premium dashboards, they usually have pretty much everything set up for you. But still you can tweak all dashboards to your liking.

It is complicated, yes. But given what you can achieve there is (arguably) no way to prevent the complexity. If you are interested of making your own dashes, take a look of a couple tutorial videos we have to get you started.