Hey Everyone!

I’m loving this app and hoping I can make it more functional for my car. When I bought my adapter, I got a free copy of OBDLINK with my choice of vehicle type addon. I chose the Nissan/Infiniti addon which allowed me to connect into features of my Nissan Maxima that I hadn’t been able to do (with my lack of knowledge on this subject) with other programs.

Example: OBDLINK allowed me to connect into my tire pressures that RealDash does not do by default.

I’m hoping someone will have a bit of knowledge they could pass on that would help me (easily) connect into the same ‘stuff’ that the nissan/infiniti addon allowed me to do?

Thanks in advance for your time to answer.


You do not want to give your addon to study? Perhaps our goals coincide! If I find in it what is responsible for the teams, I can show you how to configure REALDASH for you!

I will give you whatever you need.

Please tell me what you require.


Log files?

Logs of course! And pids …

I don’t know how to see the PIDs. Can you give a couple sentences as to how I dig into the backend of this stuff? I’m a newb to this.

I don’t want to talk about third-party programs here, all the more I am quite happy with RealDash, for diagnostics and as a dashboard. I can only say that everything is on the Internet and you can find it if you want! :wink:
Further develop along the way))) :grin: