No Connection Bluetooth ODBII Subaru Levorg

Hi all

I’ve just installed an Idoing Android head unit in my 2014 Levorg
I’m using a cheap ODB2 Bluetooth device as I wanted to test before making the plunge into an
OBDLink device.

I have connected the ODB via Bluetooth on the head-unit and its working as I can see all the data coming through via Torque app no issues

In Real dash though I followed the steps on website and Youtube.
Garage/Dash/ODB2/Blueooth pick my device from the list and it says connected, but in connections it just try’s to connect and fails…

Any help would be appreciated.


Did we just discuss over email?

There are some OBD2 Bluetooth adapters that do not show as they would support serial communications. On that case RealDash assumes that it is a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device. You can try to tick the ‘Disable BLE’ option in connection settings where you select the Bluetooth device. If you are serious about tweaking your car, I’d recommend that you get a high quality OBD2 adapter:

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