Non-linear graph for scales and arcs

Greetings. For example, a fuel level sensor, an outside temperature sensor of a car …
I think everyone understands what I mean …
I would like to be able to set values ​​for non-linear sensors. There may be 2-3 points of curvature, and a friend will have more than 20 such points


I am making a Non-Linear Boost gauge but haven’t wrapped my head around how to do so?

It is using the Calculated Value - Boost (Bar/Psi) with a range of -1 to 1.5

Would you have to use 2 gauges, one being negative and the other carrying on to the positive? or is it possible to use a single gauge?


We have done couple of these in some premium dashboards and we always use two separate gauges limited to each other.

Thanks, we ended up doing it that way

It would be interesting, in my case, I use an OEM fuel level sensor that when it is full has 40ohms, half tank 80ohms and full 180ohms, I can not have accurate values ​​between full and empty.