Not possible to select music files location on ANDROID

Hi everyone

On my ANDROID tablet and also on my ANDROID smartphone, the realdash music player (previous song, next song, play/pause buttons) is no more able to find the Audio/Music files folder with my mp3 music files.
So I tried to set the music files folder location in RealDash (SETTINGS → USER → 3/3 MUSIC PLAYER → REALDASH).
Unfortunately there is no more “select music files location” inside this tab.

Do you have a solution to select the music files location ?

Thanks a lot !

Users are required to select the music folder on Android 10 and older. From Android 11 onwards, the new security rules do not allow arbitrary folder selection and music files are scanned with Androids MediaStore API.

Thanks for your answer.
How can I force Android MediaStore to scan my mp3 music files to be readable by the realdash player ?

I don’t know if you can. You probably just have to copy everything to default ‘Music’ folder of the device.