Not uniform fuel resistor

I would like to be able to customize the graph points for my fuel gauge readings.
The fact is that in most cars, the fuel level sensors are not entirely linear.
I mean, half the value of the fuel gauge resistor does not mean half the tank.
I would like to explicitly indicate the level marks to the application.
For example, we have an absolutely bundled tank. this is 0 liters, we put a mark in RealDash that such a resistor value corresponds to zero.
Then we fill in the tank for example 10 liters, put a mark that with this value of the resistor it corresponds to 10 liters.
So that you can scale the number of labels, 5 or 10 or 20 labels.
Is it possible to create such a gauge or scale?

I have exactly this problem, my meter has a resistance of 40ohms for full tank, 80 for half tank and 280 for empty tank. I can’t get a correct measurement, because I don’t know how to find the formula for the correction. It would be interesting to have a function that solves this.

So I also suffer. whether I have a full tank shows as much as 300 km, and then drops sharply by 10t. whether to full not enough liters 20t.
The fact is that the formula will not solve here.
but the map of mapped values ​​proposed by me will solve the issue

This could be possible. Will take a look.

ask me if I explained everything to you correctly?

I do understand this one :wink:

1.8.1-Beta3 has new feature that allows dynamic scaling of the custom input values. Give it a try.

Necessarily! I Immediately sign off on the results!

Cool, thank you! Can you add the possibility of custom mapping to xml description file?

What are we talking about? How should this come in handy?

Fast set of input mapping for non linear sensors. It can be realised like “enum”.

I understand that it could be handy if you can specify these mapping values in XML, but lets first test with the UI-one.

I tested it on my fuel gauge - so far okay!
This is exactly what you need!

Thank you! This will be almoust the last thing in creating ideal dash app.