Notifications on Windows RealDash

The android version of RD will pick up map notifications, but what is the windows version of RD able to pick up ?
Can i send in custom notifications?

Windows version is unable to read OS notifications as there is no API to do so. Notifications still work for internal stuff. If you are using a custom connection, it is possible to send a text over RealDash CAN protocol into value ID 248 (Device Notification).

If you could help me with this example that would be wonderful. From what you said before, it is a key value pairing, so if key is 248 and value is some text, what format is RD expecting?
If im sending it thru a TCP message thru the multicast set up, is it like this BYTE[IntKey, StringValue]?

Text over Multicasting is bit more complicated. All values little endian:

uint32 valueId
if valueId == 1901 // this is considered a text, otherwise handle as valueId ↔ value pair.
uint32 stringValueId // the actual input ID, in case of device notification 248.
uint32 numCharacters // number of characters in text (max 1024).
uint8 * numCharacters // text in UTF8 encoding, note that text is not zero terminated.

Hello Jani:
Can you walk me thru how to send text to a target ID thru multicast.
my program is able to send values, but i haven’t been able to figure out text.

Basically the instructions are in above post.

To send text