notifications should disappear

The thing is that notifications, if they were not received, are empty by default. But if at least one notification appears, it will hang until it is replaced by another. But in any case, the notification will not disappear, even if it is no longer relevant!!! I believe that in the settings you should see a setting for the duration of the display of notifications. For example, 1 minute or 2,3…5 minutes…

With hope! :smiley: :unamused:

To my opinion, its only a good thing that last notification stays on. I have used that many times to re-check what was the last message.

“Low fuel”, I refueled to a full tank, but the message on the panel reads “Low fuel!”
It may be worth giving a choice, whether the messages disappear or not!
I turned into a street, the name of which was not determined by the navigator, or the Internet disappeared, and the message of the previous street hangs on the panel!
I drove through the surveillance camera, but the panel will still have a message for many kilometers: “Surveillance cameras in close proximity”.
In general, it turns out uninformative!

Let’s look for a compromise))))

Good! You can also visually change the notification priority!
For example, the current notification is clearly white! An irrelevant or lost priority after, say, 1 minute is gray. Imagine if “Windows” always used the same color for the current and secondary windows. I think we would all feel a little uncomfortable working with such a computer.
There must be some kind of visual separation, I tell you for sure, as a person who always and everywhere uses RealDash directly in the dashboard. Not a duplicate device.


Notifications are a very huge, fat plus, which makes the use of digital dashboards more popular and desirable. But in this and a specific example, when the eyes flash that:
“Not enough fuel”

  • “I know thank you”
    Little fuel"
  • “OK, I got it, buddy, thanks! "
    " LOW FUEL”
    “All right, all right, let
    's exhale!”
  • "F… c m…!!!
    Well, or something like that!

I know that sometimes my ideas are not very standard and do not require mass implementation!
But sometimes, you will agree, they have common sense. Just think that this is such a case!!!

Just give it a little more weight.
I understand that you don’t have time. We could enter a variable that defines the beginning of the last message, then I would be able to change the color of the text myself, after a period of time with the help of timers))

This is not super high priority right now.

Yes, i notice this issue when i receive low fuel level.

Can add a selection setting, save the last message, or clear it after a selected number of seconds?

Problem is that there are some notifications users want to stay on, and some that should disappear after some time. I think notifications related to speed cameras and fuel level already disappear after some time.

Good! All right then!

Still having same issue bro😀

Does this mean that “LOW FUEL” does not disappear?

Yes i still have it

:astonished: :smiley:

I just removed, such notifications are not needed for nothing!

How you did it?

I chose the notification sensor and clicked delete. You won’t believe it!

For me , the problem is fuel level critical message, so i changed the fuel level input in XML file from target id to name id and it works fine!

It seems that this notification error is related to Fuel level target Id

well, this is understandable, when you send the value to id 170, it seems.
then values ​​from that id affect notifications. When, you send the fuel level to the nominal, i.e. an invented name. Accordingly, RD cannot associate anything with a fictitious entry!
But if you send the fuel level to the invented ID, then the distance calculation will not work either!

Can you please explain more what do you mean by distance calculation? All parameters works fine and most of them reading live data from can bus not calculated value.


the distance to the gas station is a calculated parameter, in my opinion it does not have its own entrance.