Obd 2 to usb with elm327

Hi want to connect real dash to a android tablet directly not bluetooth to minimise lag.found elm327 ob2d to usb will this connect to a tablet also there is a switch for can does this work for normal obd2 .thanks

With OBD2 there is no difference in data update rate between Bluetooth and USB as the bottleneck for data output is ALWAYS the car, or more specifically the ELM327 protocol. The USB adapter may connect a bit faster though.

But if you want to go with USB, get a high quality adapter and make sure you use correct baud rate and it should work just fine.

Hey. I use a translator.
I tried all the connection options that you wrote, but the program does not see the adapter at all. Although the TorquePro program works fine and has no lag. When I run your program, there are no other programs in memory.
Android 10. Car Gps Player. ELM327 USB.

What OBD2 adapter you are using?


Never seen such a adapter before. Did it work before in RealDash, or has it never worked?

No, there was no program before, this is a Chinese adapter. Business is that he does not even appear in the search to adjust the speed and the car. But other programs see it, that’s what is not clear.

To enable it, I would need to know the VID and PID values of the USB serial. To get the VID and PID, connect your adapter to Windows computer and see the Serial Port settings in Windows Device Manager.

USB Serial Converter

USB Serial Port

I hope I gave you the correct data.

VID 0403 PID 6001 is a FTDI FT232R USB to serial converter and that device is supported by RealDash.

I believe that for some reason you have not given RealDash a permission to use USB on Android settings. Please double check. Also, when RealDash is closed and you plug-in this USB device, a popup list should appear where you can launch RealDash, or other installed app. If RealDash does not appear on that list, then there is no permissions.

This is assuming that you gave the VID and PID from right device.

When connected, a list of programs pops up, there is RealDash. I don’t even know why the program can’t see the adapter.
Maybe there is another way to check why there is no contact or a third-party application. I bought the program and really wanted to launch it.

We are planning to release 1.8.1 beta1 very soon. I will add some extensive debug logging of serial for that, maybe you can then send us a debug log of the connection attempt.

I am ready to fully cooperate with you. I will really wait.

I took a photo with my radio, it may be useful.


The RealDash 1.8.1-beta1 has been uploaded to play store. Please use it to get a debug log and send it for analysis.


I created a magazine according to your instructions. Sent through the program. Creation and sending time 09/26/2020 08.41

Confirm you received the file.

Thanks, will check at some point during this week.

The log file was really odd, as it showed that RealDash has entered into USB device scanning function but never completes it. I will add even more debug information and upload a beta2 soon.