OBD XML Bit Shifting

Hi, I originally added a name value for torque converter lockup which is a represented as a byte with value 0 = off and value 1 = on (I assumed only bit 0 is changing); this is working fine, but I tried to tidy the xml entry up to use targetId=143 Lockup Active (Transmission) this being an on/ off value instead, without success

Original (working): name=“FJ: Torque Converter Lockup” conversion=“B1”

I have tried the following:
targetId=“143” conversion=“B1” units=“bit” and
targetId=“143” conversion=“B1>>0” units=“bit” (assuming the bit needed is already in the right place)

As an update I data logged the response on the converter lock up which only happens in highest gear, this revealed a response of 128 confirming it was bit 7 and not bit 0, solution

targetId=“143” conversion=“B1>>7” units=“bit”