OBD2: Why turn signals and other indicator lights do not work.

Turn signals and other indicators are not part of OBD2 standard, but there are basically 3 ways to get turn signal and other indicators work on OBD2 vehicles.

  1. Use extra IO box. These solutions have extra inputs that can be wired to indicators.

  2. Use DIY solution like Arduino with our open RealDash CAN protocol to transmit indicator statuses to RealDash. See ‘RealDash CAN’ from out manuals: realdash.net/manuals/realdash_can

  3. Use vehicle specific PIDs. If PIDs are known, you can add those into RealDash OBD2 values by modifying and importing the XML file. See ‘Customizing OBD2 Communications’ from our manuals: realdash.net/manuals/customizing_obd2_communications

The 3rd point requires that OBD2 connection is fast enough to produce data. In most cases it is not and option 3 may not be feasible.