OBDLink MX+ Can Description File

Is there a specific or generic CAN description file that can be used with the OBDLink MX+ adapter?

09 Infiniti G37x Sedan

When i connect via obd2/bluetooth to the adapter, i get most of the information i need… but not some of the body control module stuff. I know the adapter has the capability since the dedicated app for the adapter will allow me to access almost all of the networks in the car.

I tried to use the “realdash_obd2_nissan_generic.xml” hoping it would allow me access to more networks in the car but… i get back “failed to parse”

same with the “realdash_obd2.xml” and “realdash_can_example.xml”

Note that OBD2 XML files and CAN description XML files are not compatible between each other. So you cannot use OBD2 XML files with CAN adapter connection.

Unfortunately we do not have Infiniti G37x CAN data available as ready made XML, so you need to find out the data by yourself. See documentation of the CAN XML here:

I am stuck here, on how to figure out custom CAN description xml. I don’t know how to start and what steps to do. I wish somewhere there is a fine example of simple xml file to start with (e.g. rpm, vss, clt, map)

All CAN XML files are here. Some of them are quite simple:

RealDash-extras/RealDash-CAN at master · janimm/RealDash-extras (github.com)

If my CAN monitor doesn’t connect, it displays only connection timeout, does it mean the motorcycle has no CAN bus communication? I tried all description xml files. I have CAN low and high along with 12 volt and ground.

CAN monitor shows the CAN data without any interaction with XML files. If connection timeouts, it could be:

  • Wrong Protocol
  • Wrong CAN speed
  • No CAN connection
  • CAN H and CAN L wires swapped
  • Incorrect CAN line resistance

I’m assuming that adapter indicator leds are blinking while connecting, so you have power for the adapter.