OBR Euro-8 ECU support

ECU is becoming very popular here in the states for doing engine swaps. Would be nice to have a great dash to go with it. The dashes that are available are race oriented and not suited for daily driver street use. The Euro-8 is the more common used ECU. I have attached a link to the pdf of the can bus information.



Thank you

Thanks for sharing, I will add OBR Euro-8 CAN2 XML to next release of RealDash.

Thank you

This is now in 2.2.4. Completely untested though as we do not have test device. If anybody has a OBR Euro-8, help on testing is appreciated.

Thank you for adding this. I will forward the info to OBR and see if they can test it. They will be glad to add RealDash to the list of supported displays.

I have emailed OBR asking if someone there could test the application. I would test it but I am still waiting on my dash hardware.

Be looking for an email from Ole at OBR he is very interested in RealDash and will test it in house for you.