Hi All
Car is a 2012 MK6 Golf GTI

Screen is fed via HDMI which is running off a dongle on Android or Apple.

I am having trouble with very laggy reading from one of the fastest ODB link senders to my ipad.

I am using bluetooth but the lag is large 500ms to 750ms as an estimate. VERY noticeable in that the updates on the dash seem to be about a half a second apart.

https://youtu.be/KOPdChOK0pM (a link no published so as to not cause harm)

Also as per the video there is no gear selection showing or changing.

No knocking anything just having a problem.

PS is there anyway to force the screen size on Apple or android phones ?

Just obtained a iPAD Pro the latest version and its still laggy as hell.

What am i doing wrong any help here would be good.

Which protocol is the best
What baud rate is the best
Is there some setting that makes this work and usable.

One of the fastest ios devices and one of the fastest ODB2 adaptors and it is unusable due to serious lag.

I must be doing something wrong.

Please any help would be great.

Try to enable the optimizations in connection settings, the multipid request and first reply only.

We have the MX+ and iPad on our testing cycle and we experience about 75-100ms delay between values, but we are using OBD2 simulator device on testing and actual vehicles will vary.

One thing that slows down the OBD2 connections is too many value requests. As protocol is defined a polling mechanism, asking a lot of different values will cause a noticeable delay. Try to make a dashboard with only RPM and speed and observe if speed is ok with only two values.

Unfortunately this made little difference to the delay in display.

I tried Torque Pro and using an RPM gauge the latency was much better than realdash.

Any ideas ??

Did you check by running RD directly on the IPAD rather than routing it to a HDMI onto another screen? I am running it on an Android tablet directly and there is no lag.

Lag is very vehicle/adapter specific. Also see this: http://realdash.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1859&sid=bdacf0864aca72f50ae0a00d5d87c7c8