Off line navigation app ?!

Hi, i have an android screen in my bmwf30
unfortunately my screen will not connect to obd2 through bluetooth ( px6 10.25" screen made for bmw f30 , that.s how it was built ) it will only work over wifi
when i.m connected to my obd i cannot connect to my hotspot at the same time … so no navi
can we please have the option to use an offline navigation app ?!
would be awesome to be able to choose another app … instead of googlemaps
any chance we can have this implemented in a future update

This is a very nice app, if we could somehow be able to use another app for navigation would make it perfect

Also, the new virtual dashboard from the G series bmw looks insane , any chance we can have one made ?!
i would download it in a sec

Thanks to all that work and make this app what it is !

Offline navigation for RealDash is not an option as out licensing agreement does not allow that.

Launching another app for the navigation can be done. Will put this into feature request list.

Any progress on launching another Navigation app, Jani?

No. I have not found the proper way to transmit the destination info from RealDash to other navigation apps.

I think the only way would be through “intents”, so something like what is described in the following article: Android: open navigation for Google Maps, Waze, and HERE WeGo | The Startup

This option will be in next release (Android only)


Jani, if we enable Google Maps, then the Start navigation button in quick menu is not responding and the Toggle Navigation action button I created for the same function is also not working. Can that be fixed?

Also, is it possible to save recent searches with a short name like Home, Office, etc so that I can easily use a voice command (like Navigate to Home) to navigate to that place? Since you have limited recent searches to 5 addresses a 6th search will push the 1st out. But if I have saved it with a name it should not go out. - This request is common for all maps.

Yep, noticed that too earlier.

Saving the destinations has been on our feature request list, I just have not figured out a good way to integrate that into navigation user interface.