Oil change counter

I believe that RealDash should have a calculated countdown parameter for the oil change. Which will come to zero and stand there until it is dropped.
What if this parameter should be more than one. I think 3x customizable counters will be enough.
In such a technological complex as RealDash there is not one such counter, although in the cheapest Renault Logan model it is: mrgreen:
Add please. Isn’t that complicated?

This has been asked for a couple of times and it has been on my todo list as low priority for some time.

Please increase the priority of this order)))) Regards.

1.6.5 beta 3 now has ‘Distance until next service’ calculated input. And action to reset. This also includes setting in Garage; open vehicle hood and adjust ‘Distance until next service’.

Many thanks! This is a very useful feature!

Where can i find version 165. It is not in google play store

Its in Beta, but I’m planning to release it today.