oil change indication

What should I do better? I just changed the oil and I want to note it in realdash, so that after a certain number of thousands of kilometers he tells me / reminds about the upcoming oil change how to implement this?

You could do something with triggers:
TripB >= 3000, show gauge
TripB < 3000, hide gauge

Then you could use the reset TripB when you change your oil.

In theory, you could also do other stats for this as well, like hours since last oil change, avg mpg, avg speed, etc. It would just be values on TripB. (Edit: It doesn’t look like these are available. Only available for Active Trip)

I’m not sure if “Trips are now saved based on app session” would make this usable, as I haven’t had a chance to test this yet. It used to be that trips were not persistent between restarts, so it would lose tracking if the program is restarted.

Yes. Sure! I did just that. But this is wild crutches))))
I believe that RealDash should have a calculated countdown parameter for the oil change. Which will come to zero and stand there until it is dropped. That’s why I write on the forum.