One-off cluster graphics, part II

I’m drawing a completely custom skin and dials in Fusion 360 and will save individual images of each part once they are rendered. Can RealDash run the graphics in portait mode on an Android tablet, or does it have to remain in landscape mode? Will I be able to load each image to RealDash to build a custom screen and save the scheme as a whole?

I’m not yet sure if there’s a particular best practice to creating the graphics for RealDash. The plan is to draw a skin that stays stationary, like another other theme, and draw the individual needles to be placed according to the dial position. Is there a preferred image format to use? I want to draw a light source placed outside of the viewing area that shines upward at the dials. Can I make the graphics work with my own lighting?

Portrait mode is not enabled as there is no UI implemented.

For needle gauges, background and needle are separate images. You can also layer multiple gauges on top of each other when using no background image.

PNG images are preferred for anything with transparency. JPGs are good for photograph style images.

Another question. I’ll try to explain it best as I can.

Is it possible for RealDash to display needle motions correctly if they were to be viewed from an angle? I don’t think this forum supports image hosting, so I’ll figure out a way to post images for examples.

All the digital dashes I’ve seen are displayed with every dial viewed straight on. I’m curious if I could turn my dial graphics on the Z axis slightly to get more 3D look while making the needles display the same way. Much like if you stood a clock on a table and turned it a little to be viewed at an angle. I’m guessing that this cannot be done, but it is something I would like to pursue.

There is no such option. In the past we achieved this effect just by using skewed graphics, and it work pretty well on other than needle gauges.