One-off cluster graphics

I’ve hinted about designing my own cluster graphics before, but want to delve into the specifics more with a few questions.

For the hardware -
I’m using Low Dollar Motorsports sensors on the engine and transmission. Both the engine and transmission are mechanical. Detroit Diesel 8V92TA and Allision HT740D. The sensors will connect to a OneGauge hub. I ordered the hub with eight trigger relays and the odometer module. The display is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e tablet that will connect to the OneGauge hub via Bluetooth. I have RealDash on my tablet, but haven’t tried to modify anything yet.

For the graphics, as I understand it, the dials and background essentially need a source image. Same with the gauge needles. I’m wanting to have full-dial color change warnings for critical levels - similar to what Autometer offers with their Elite series and Stack offers with their Pro Control series. On some of the RealDash offerings, I’ve noticed that the needles cast a shadow that moves correctly according the position of the “light source”. I’m hoping to accomplish real shadows and such with custom graphics. If I load my images to RealDash, is there anything I need to do to create depth with moving shadows?

For creating my graphics, I plan to design everything in Fusion 360. This allows me to create 3D models that can be placed in any arrangement within the physical confines of the display screen dimensions. I can also generate my own light source that casts shadows. I’m able to capture a 2D image of the complete model to use as the source image for RealDash. If I’m wanting to create the full-dial color changes, would I need to upload separate images, or would RealDash offer and option to change the color shading of the graphics within the app? I do plan to create an image of each gauge to upload to RealDash if needed.

That’s all I’ll ask for now so that I can start to get an understanding of how to work the RealDash app. If I’m not mistaken, I think I need the paid version of RealDash to do what I want. I’m not yet sure what steps to take in order to get that version, but I will find it.

Yes, Realdash has shadow application:
Look’n fell> Shadows

Shadows can use automatic shadow or a custom shadow map image. The shadow offset can be changed in Look’n Feel.

All gauges have blend color separately for all three editing levels. In some cases the blend color can be used with grayscale source images to change the color of the gauge. Switching to completely diferent image asset per level is also an option.

Don’t really know how to answer all your questions. I think its the best way to just experiment with the settings in Look’n Feel to get the result you are after.

Awesome, guys. I’m getting more and more excited about RealDash. My OneGauge hub has arrived. I’m going to start bench testing it all very soon. I’ll see if I can good way to show images here, too.