OneGauge to RealDash connection

I plan to purchase a OneGauge hub in the very near future. The hubs support both Bluetooth and two-wire CAN. I’m checking to see if USB is also possible. Would either of those connections be preferred over the others for speed and reliability? I may be using an Android tablet from Samsung for the RealDash display. The wide screens look great, but I have to educate myself on connecting these.

My project is a coach bus. The engine is in the rear, about 35 feet (11.5 meters) away from the dash. Bluetooth may not be able to keep a steady connection if the OneGauge hub is mounted in the engine bay. This may also be too much distance to run a USB cable. Would a CAN be as simple as wiring to the OneGauge CANbus terminals and a Seeed USB to CAN analyzer that plugs into the USB port of a tablet? I’m sure baud rates and such need to addressed.

You can make relatively long runs with CAN lines and use Seeedstudio CAN adapter. In tablet use, only problem is that it may be difficult to find a way to charge your tablet when using USB-OTG.

Signal amplifying USB cables also exist. We have 10 meter amplifying cable that we use on various projects and it works well.

In the end, Bluetooth may be most convenient solution, just wire your sensor box nearer to the cabin.

Bluetooth it is. I installed RealDash and Macrodroid on my phone today to test out the ability to turn my screen on and off along with launching the RealDash app by connecting/disconnecting a Bluetooth signal to a mobile speaker I have. It worked flawlessly. Using that method will keep the charging port of a tablet free for power only.

Keeping the tablet free of any “hardwired” connections will allow me to carry it to the rear of the bus for engine/transmission diagnostics with the full array of gauges. I will figure out a location for the hub that allows connectivity from dash or engine bay.

Could you please send me the macrodroid triggers and actions for this? I know how to turn on screen by connecting to a Bluetooth signal, but want to know how to use the same macro to turn off when BT signal is disconnected.

I have a screenshot of my Macrodroid triggers, but I’m not yet sure how to insert an image on this forum. In order to perform each and every action set, you have to create a new trigger/macro. I have one macro to turn on my screen and launch RealDash upon making a Bluetooth connection to a selected device, and then a second macro to turn off my screen upon disconnecting from the same Bluetooth device.

For the “on” action, the trigger is "Device Connected, action is Screen On, Launch RealDash, and there are no constraints.

For the “off” action, the trigger is Device Disconnect, and the action is Screen Off.

It’s quite simple and works well. I did notice that RealDash will flash on for a second, then the screen is off again for another second until everything turns on. It all begins to function right away once the screen is officially turned on.

I am probably placing an order for a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e tonight and will be setting up the same macros on it to test out.


Hello! You can consider of using a Wifi connection. 20-30+ meters through the walls without a problem.
Take a look at my project: