OpenStreetMap caching (or absence of it)?

I am not sure whether it is something I do wrong or a deficiency of the app, but it seems to me that tiles downloaded from OSM are not being cached. If I zoom in and wait until the tiles are downloaded and rendered and then zoom out to the previous level, it redownloads all the tiles again.

This is almost unusable on a slow internet links in rural areas. The likelihood of an area changing within, say, 6 hours is really low, so it would be great to cache tiles for 6 or 12 hours (or maybe even more).

Am I missing something and it works for everybody else and you can quickly zoom-in/zoom-out and browse the map?

Map tiles are cached locally for some time (weeks). Hard to say why caching would not work on your device.

Is there any way I can provide debug info or assistance in debugging this? My device is Samsung XCover 6 Pro (a standard Android phone from Samsung, well, it is the only rugged version they produce, but other than this it is a normal Samsung device like the rest of their line up). Just to ensure we are on the same page, I was referring to the default map widget in the default dashboard you get when you install RealDash from Google Play store. When I zoom in / zoom out in that circle widget, it looks like there is no caching at all.

How about for example the free dashboard ‘Swedish Special’ which has full screen map on second page, do you experience the same on that one?

Will test it out tomorrow when I pick my bike from the service and will let you know. Thanks for the amazing app. I started with DMD2, but was so disappointed and then I found RealDash. This is hardcore and is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!

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OK, I tested with “Sweedish Special”, it definitely caches tiles. Moreover, after zooming in and out on that dashboard, when I switched to default one, everything was working as expected (I could not reproduce the issue anymore).

However, I noticed that even though the tiles are cached, when you zoom in and zoom out, you can still briefly see a light blue rectangle where the tile will eventually be loaded. Perhaps, drawing this part can be improved: like delay the redraw of the screen until cache is checked? This way it would be much smoother experience, IMO.

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