Option to disable garage mode

Firstly this isn’t a gripe below, I LOVE the software - been a long term user and it really is great.

My thought is that perhaps some of the development has been detracting from what is otherwise serious product - firstly came the dashboard gizmos - which were easily ignored. But now the “garage” seems to stop you configuring connections without going into it’s gimmicky 3D view is really disappointing, especially as you don’t seem to be able to customise the model it uses… I understand perhaps some of the user base does want these features, but I think I wouldn’t be alone in those who are using as a tool. It would be fantastic if there was a way to turn off these game features, perhaps a “Pro” mode or something?

I think there is plenty of ‘Serious’ software out there. This is a way we have chosen and I don’t see any reason to change that.

Apologies - from your tone, I don’t think you took it the way I intended… :blush:

I think your products strength has always been it’s configurability, and in fact I don’t know of any other product out there that can connect multiple sources to high quality visuals in the same way… With the added support for canbus , ECUs and body control - and seeing so many people replace real dashboards with this, I think it’s gone beyond a auxiliary display or game peripheral for many. Users with these type of installs I would think are the ones more likely to be long term users/purchasers of the paid items…

My suggestion wasn’t to remove these screens, but to allow an option to use the standard menu system. It’s possible I am alone in this thought process & maybe others can chip in if not - but for me it would be really welcome change…

I rather use that time to create something new than redesigning something that is a matter of taste. You are not alone with your opinion. I know people who absolutely hate the Garage and refuse to use the app because of that, but in other hand I know a lot of people who like it and think that is what makes RealDash different from others.

We actually had a custom project with quite a big vehicle manufacturer and they liked the Garage so much that we created 100% custom version just for them.

I believe that in this way you want to pass off someone else as your own, so have a conscience, and respect people who put their soul into the development of such an application as RealDash

Its not a problem, its a valid opinion. I’m not (that) easily offended.

Cotech - I really don’t think I deserved that accusation - this is NOT a request to white label the product or to re-sell it.

I haven’t asked about removing the RealDash logos, store, social media links etc. If it helps, I have paid for the product and several premium dashboards (and in fact developed a hardware platform specifically with realdash branding and spent many hours testing and reporting bugs with Jani since 2017).

I thought this section of the forum was to post ideas for features that we feel might improve the product? I don’t mind if my idea is a bad one, or not something devs want to look at - but please don’t start accusing people without reason.

Thanks @realdashdev - Understand now this has obviously been something you have thought about before, add my name to the list of “would be great to be able to have another option for it” - but I won’t stop using the product because of it :wink:

Yes, everybody are free to express their opinions and ask features, no problem.

Garage is here to stay, I rather use our development resources for creating something new, or to fix the bugs that “somebody” has put into our app.

No problem! No charges! :sunglasses: I hope we will not find out who has contributed so much to the development of the application.
This is also my opinion, which has the right to exist, for that matter.
I think that a garage is still necessary. What is bad about him?
So can you explain the reasons for not wanting to see the garage?

I guess this isn’t too relevant as Real dash have been clear, but it’s a fair question and perhaps I should have explained better before. This just my own opinion - i’m not saying any of this is the “right” way

  • It puts some configuration features in an unusual place away from the other configuration settings, and takes longer to navigate - Opening the boot to find fuel settings for example. I guess the aim was to make car specific settings in there with app related settings outside

  • Some of the config options such as engine size stay in garage, but others - ie: connections have to be clicked in garage and then boot you back to the normal menu system, why not just add a link to connections in the main settings and have both routes?

  • It seems like something that will need a lot of development work to keep updated with new settings, different car styles etc and is really only seen occasionally. The ability to add something like this in the actual dashboard would be AWESOME, ie showing the headlights on/off - door open/close etc. Seems like somewhere that will add value to more people for more of the time - ability to buy premium car models for example? :wink:

  • This is purely personal, but perhaps in some ways applies to others - my install is in a homemade electric powered single seater, so the engine, gear ratios, muscle car don’t really match up. Similarly for those using this on bikes, boats, planes, home automation etc this makes no sense.

I totally understand this is not a huge deal - it just seems to be narrowing the appeal of the app, is this intended for cuda and cybertruck owners, or for the masses? Of course if this was customised to everyone’s car like the special version mentioned, most of my points above go away, so I understand the appeal…

It seems like it will take a lot of development work to be constantly updated with new settings, different styles of cars, etc., And this is really only occasionally. The ability to add something like this to the actual dashboard would be AWESOME, i.e. show lights on / off - open / close doors, etc. It seems that somewhere that will add value to more people for most of the time is the opportunity to buy a premium car model for example

I agree with this unconditionally!

I also understand both sides.
At the moment I’m building a street legal race car (old Merc with engine swap) and plan to use a display with RealDash as my permanent dash setup.
Btw I love the look of the Benztown Hammer premium dashboard.

I’m sure the garage mode is an amazing feature for racing simulators and drivers, who appreciate the look and customization.
For my install I’m all about the undisturbed and clean MBUX infotainment flair.
I would also like to have the option to implement a model of my personal car (W201 190E), because even a similar car like newer Benz or BMW 5 Series doesn’t quite fit, or to disable the garage mode if option 1 is not possible.

Garage is here to stay. Now lets concentrate to something else.