Option to set screen resolution


i test new Option to set screen resolution in the windows version
my display have resolution 1920 x 1080
Start test -
Full screen - result ok
8:3 - result 8:3@1820x683 - result ok
1280x720 result 16:9@1280x720 - result ok
1920x720 - result - RealDash ingnore this resolution
continue test
1900x720 - result - 2:64@1920x720 - result ok

please give the RealDashers a resolution of 1920x720


Ok, will check.

Edit: This seems to be a no go with current UWP implementation of Windows version of RealDash. If your monitor resolution width is 1920, the maximum width that UWP allows for the window is 1900. For whatever reason it wants to leave this 20 pixel ‘safety area’ for the window.

There are also some other strange things. If you have multimonitor setup, you can drag the window size to cover multiple monitors. But when you restart the app, it will forcefully start in full screen mode on only one monitor. There seems to be no way around that restriction either.

I can say, UWP sucks. It has been painful to develop and maintain. I think we have to consider the possibility to go back to win32 implementation. There are some things that RealDash requires from UWP, like Store, SpeechRecognition, Location etc, so moving to win32 is not a small task. Lets see what we will do about this, but currently there is no way to fix this problem.