Option ultra widehack


Now in settings present option “ultra widehack” - not work with text
please reply in nearest future have plan fix it or not

it is for low cost android PCB (Amlogic S905W2) he can use only 1920 x 1080 output for display 1920 x 720


Ultrawide haxxor option seems to work just fine on our premium dashboards, including the text. Note: Do not edit the dashboard with ultrawide haxxor option active, it will definitely mess up the dashboard for good.

Please check my photo

back 1920 x 720
front 1920 x 1080 low cost android with option ultra widehack

you can see - problem : text is pressure
need fix, i hope
in premium dashboards - problem present too (all text gaude pressure 1.5 ) - if need i made foto too


I see. I will try to figure this out. Problem is that we are no longer using any devices that requires this haxxor option, so its somewhat difficult to test.

i hope in next version you fix problem with fonts is ULTRAWIDE HACK MODE
please i very wait