Overspeed Alert


I use realdash app on my iPad. It is such an incredible app especially C8 RealDash premium dashboard which is unbelievable. I am asking if it is possible to set an alert when I am over the speed limit. for example, the realdash speed limit indicator reads 30 MPH and I am driving on 32 MPH, how can I set an alarm sound when that happened?

There is a built in warning system that gives notification. Go to ‘Settings->Notifications’ and set the ‘Speed Limit Warning Threshold’.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I meant if I am Overspeed the road speed limit that appears on the map. for example, I am driving on a 30 mph road, and the realdash shows 30 mph, so if I drive above 30, I will get an alert. Now, the speed limit has changed to 50 mph as I engaged a new road, then, I will get an alert when passing 50 mph driving speed.

Yes, that is exactly what this speed limit warning does. Give it a try. If you want it to give an notification right above the current speed limit, set the threshold to 1.

Thank you very much for your reply. I do appreciate your help.