Parallel USB reading

There is a need in parallel with RealDash to read the same port by another program (I write the program), and analyze incoming packets. But RealDash blocks this possibility. How can I fix this? Maybe the settings in my program, but what are they? If you can help, I would be grateful

I don’t believe there is nothing much RealDash can do about it as Serial ports are typically reserved for the ones that open them. There are no ‘3-way’ serial connections. There are some software that can sniff the traffic on driver level, I don’t know if they would help you on your case.

If RealDash doesn’t work, my program works, but as soon as RealDash connects the device, my program can no longer receive signals. But my program was connected to the port first. Why is that? Tutu is more a question of code

In the process of studying parallel operation, I saw that after a while, there is no data in the UART buffer. And my program is slowing down. But for some time our programs are running in parallel.
What does RealDash do with data from the port that it disappears? Help please

Honestly, I do not understand what you are trying to achieve. We do not have resources to help on such custom one-off scenarios.